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Twice recognized by leading analysts Frost & Sulllivan with innovation awards, SensorTran has been driving development  in the Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) industry since 1996.  With a growing patent portfolio and continued enhancement of the PERFECTVISION™ technology platform, SensorTran is well-positioned to maintain its reputation as having the world’s most advanced DTS systems.  

SensorTran is aggressively pursuing intellectual property to maintain our technology leadership position.  SensorTran has filed numerous patents in the core area of PerfectVision® technology and select applications where our technology provides an edge over the competition.

Introduced in 2008, Gemini™ HSI, SensorTran’s initial product to feature PerfectVision technology, was the world’s first multi-laser DTS system and continues to be the go-to system in the industry for production logging operations.  The Gemini HSI overcomes dynamic optical attenuation changes in optical fibers due to cable movement during logging operations.  Gemini™ HT was developed to address the sensing need in high temperature hydrogen-rich downhole conditions found in geothermal wells and steam-assisted hydrocarbon production operations required for heavy oil.  Centaurus™, SensorTran’s new singlemode system delivers unparalleled performance in terms of stability and resolution.  The Centaurus  is a versatile system with applications ranging from power cable sensing utilizing existing dark telecommunication fiber to remote operated vehicle (ROV) monitoring in subsea oil & gas operations.  Most recently, SensorTran has embarked on an ambitious program to deliver a true subsea DTS system, Neptune™.

With core competencies in system design, optics and signal processing, SensorTran’s world-class development team is 100% focused on delivering ground-breaking fiber optic-based sensing solutions.  If you are interested in learning about SensorTran’s technology horizon, please contact us.

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