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SensorTran’s patented PERFECTVISION™ multi-laser DTS technology is now in its 4th generation of refinement. Starting as an optional feature on Gemini products, (i.e. it can be turned on and off), PerfectVision was introduced to the O&G industry as a means of obtaining temperature readings on fiber that was previously deemed too damaged to be of use. Further refinements, including singlemode systems and extended range multimode systems continued to improve performance and the quality of the data and the speed of data acquisition opening up new applications for end-users. The latest version of PERFECTVISION™, addresses the growing heavy oil thermal market as the era of easily recoverable light oil is coming to an end.

PerfectVision-equipped DTS systems use two lasers to collect data that is processed using proprietary algorithms which remove signal fluctuations caused by fiber damage - leaving a clean, accurate temperature reading.  PerfectVision is the only DTS technology able to automatically adjust for severe fiber damage and lesser differential attenuation.

The benefits of PERFECTVISION™ are:
  • Reliable temperature readings in the harshest environments
  • Extended life of the fiber optic sensing system
  • Assurance of data quality over asset service life
  • Elimination of need for “double-ended” measurements
  • Reduced costs due to extended fiber life and use of single-ended measurements which reduce required optical budget, channel count, and fiber length
  • Easier / less costly probe installation
  • Superior spatial resolution when compared with pumped double-ended systems
Fibers operating at temperatures above 150 °C in hydrogen environments such as downhole, have a tendency to absorb H2 and therefore darken and degrade or suffer permanent damage which cannot be mitigated by conventional modifications to the fiber cable. PERFECTVISION™ is optimized for use with the latest generation pure core optical fibers to provide game-changing performance.

For more information about PERFECTVISION™ technology and the advantage of using PERFECTVISION™ enabled DTS systems, please contact us.

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