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SensorTran’s standard software, DTS Commander™ houses all the command and control functions for the DTS system and provides for basic data visualization.  DTS Commander™ is required for operation and ships standard with all units.  Each of the optional software offerings work in conjunction with DTS Commander™ to provide advanced data display, data integration, and data analysis functionality.

Aside from command and control functions and data visualization, the DTS Commander™ includes several special features.  Recalculation Tools allow the user to simulate scenarios in advance of making changes to compare outcomes.  The Historical Playback feature allows users to review standard temperature traces over time using the data control facility.  All SensorTran software can be accessed, upgraded, and worked on remotely by users and/or SensorTran personnel as required.  The Remote Access features are the cornerstone of SensorTran’s field support services - as they allow for in-situ customization and configuration by highly experienced DTS engineers.  

Optional Software
SensorTran offers several optional software programs to enhance data visualization capabilities and ease analysis and integration of DTS data with data from other sources.  Standard options offered include:
  • Assetviewer™ is SensorTran advanced visualization package that allows users to map DTS data onto the asset itself. Featuring a library of icons and pre-configured graphics, AssetViewer can be easily configured by the customer or
  • Cable Ampacity Analysis Software (CAAS) – software package designed for Smart Grid applications that allows utilities to estimate allowable loads, in real time, based on actual (not estimated) highly accurate temperature data taken with the DTS system

SensorTran Software Suite — Download PDF
Cable Ampacity Analysis Software (CAAS) — Download PDF

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