Distributed Temperature Sensing, DTS

Gemini™ HSI

SensorTran’s Gemini™ high performance family of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems offer accurate and timely thermal event information that allows users to draw optical conclusions™ with confidence, even in harsh environments.  Featuring SensorTran’s patented PERFECTVISION™ technology, Gemini™ DTS systems are able to automatically correct for the effects of fiber damage over time.
Gemini™ HT DTS systems are optimized for use with the new generation of hydrogen tolerant optical fibers and are recommended for use in thermal recovery and geothermal applications.  Gemini™ HT pairs PERFECTVISION™ with true Rayleigh OTDR capabilities to actively monitor fiber health and mitigate the effects of hydrogen — providing usable, accurate data while extending the service life of the fiber.
Gemini™ HSI DTS systems match PERFECTVISION™ with a high optical budget, yielding a system that can be used over long ranges and eliminate the need for double-ended measurements.  Gemini™ HSI is recommended for a wide range of applications where fiber degradation may become an issue.

Gemini™ DTS Technical Datasheet — Download PDF


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