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•  SensorTran Becomes Wholly Owned Susbsidiary of Halliburton  Jun 17, 2011.  PDF
•  SensorTran Receives New Product Differentiation Award  Jun 22, 2010.  PDF
•  SensorTran Opens Houston Office  Apr 29, 2010.  PDF
•  SensorTran Selects Lupatech as Brazilian Distributor  Feb 25, 2010.  PDF
•  SensorTran Appoints Sandy Esslemont President & CEO  Jan 12, 2010.  PDF


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  Jun 17, 2011   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Becomes Wholly Owned Susbsidiary of Halliburton
  Jun 22, 2010   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Receives New Product Differentiation Award
  Apr 29, 2010   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Opens Houston Office
  Feb 25, 2010   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Selects Lupatech as Brazilian Distributor
  Jan 12, 2010   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Appoints Sandy Esslemont President & CEO
  Dec 15, 2008   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Closes $3.5 Million in Funding.
  Oct 27, 2008   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Hosts Energy Industry Leaders at 2nd Annual DTS Summit.
  Sep 23, 2008   PRODUCT RELEASE: SensorTran Unveils Gemini Platform.
  Sep 03, 2008   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran ships 33rd DTS to Moscow for City-Wide Grid Management Project.
  Aug 20, 2008   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran and Micron Optics to offer Integrated Fiber Optic Sensing System.
  Aug 08, 2008   ARTICLE: Startup tunnels in new market, By Laura Hipp, Austin Business Journal.
  Jun 10, 2008   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran welcomes Mikko Jaaskelainen as Chief Technical Officer.
  May 29, 2008   ARTICLE: Fiber Optics Aim To Improve Leak Monitoring With Distributed Temperature Sensing, Pipeline & Gas Journal, May 29, 2008. By Kent Kalar, CEO/President, SensorTran.
  May 14, 2008   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran adds Paul Ruiz as Chief Financial Officer
  Apr 30, 2008   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran taps industry expert Jack Angel to head Oil & Gas business developmen
  Feb 27, 2008   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran joins leading smart grid energy consortium
  Dec 20, 2007   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran receives $8,000,000 funding
  Nov 28, 2007   PRODUCT RELEASE: SensorTran unveils DTS Enterprise IS software suite
  Oct 30, 2007   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran welcomes Phil Longorio to Board of Directors
  Oct 22, 2007   ARTICLE: DTS Solutions, World Pipelines, September 2007. By Paul Hughes, SensorTran Global Business Sector Manager for Midstream Process & Oil & Gas.
  Sep 25, 2007   PRODUCT RELEASE: SensorTran unveils revolutionary dual laser DTS
  Aug 17, 2007   ARTICLE: Self-calibrating technique enables long-distance temperature sensing, Laser Focus World, August 2007. By SensorTran corporate scientist Chung Lee.
  Aug 07, 2007   PRODUCT RELEASE: Sensortran delivers world's first auto-correcting calibration for DTS
  Jun 25, 2007   PRODUCT RELEASE: SensorTran announces Long Range DTS Solutions
  Jun 11, 2007   SensorTran Highlights Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) for Oil & Gas Applications at Photonic Sensors Workshop
  May 24, 2007   SensorTran Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) solution honored by Frost & Sullivan
  May 23, 2007   SensorTran and J-Power Systems announce initiative to establish standards for fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing equipment
  May 01, 2007   SensorTran and ODI To Offer Fiber Optic Sensor Solutions For Offshore Facilities
  Apr 12, 2007   SensorTran Recommended for ISO 9001 Certification
  Jan 28, 2007   SensorTran Featured in the OFS Specialty Photonics FiberWire newsletter
  Jan 28, 2007   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Welcomes David Hickey to Executive Team
  Dec 19, 2006   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Moves into New Facility
  Dec 08, 2006   SensorTran Featured in NASA's 2006 Spinoff Publication
  Oct 16, 2006   SensorTran President & CEO, Kent Kalar, talks with Mark Donohue on the Inside Wealth Radio Show "Winning Business" segment
  Sep 12, 2006   COMPANY NEWS: SensorTran Opens UK Office
  Aug 14, 2006   Fiber-optic sensor firm SensorTran grabs $5.5 million in funding
  Aug 11, 2006   VentureWire Alert: Funding for SensorTran
  Aug 10, 2006   Energy Technology Company Gets Money to Grow

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