Distributed Temperature Sensing, DTS

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The most common use for Distributed Temperature Sensing technology in process and plant monitoring is for cryogenic monitoring of (LNG) tanks. However, in recent years a number of other industrial uses have been identified including the monitoring of: process vessels for hotspots, production lines running temperature dependent processes, and conveyor belts. To determine if DTS technology is right for a specific industrial monitoring situation please contact Sales.

Advanced cryogenic plant monitoring solutions provide continuous, autonomous, on-line temperature monitoring of storage tanks and pipelines - providing tank and pipeline integrity monitoring, tank base temperature control, and pipeline cool-down monitoring. Besides LNG, DTS systems are useful in the monitoring tanks containing LPG, Ethylene, Ammonia, Oxygen, etc.  Fiber optic sensing cables can be deployed:
  • On Buried or Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • On Single and Double-Wall Tanks
  • On-Shore or On a Ship
Process & Plant applications often require customized fiber deployment schemes and integration of the DTS system / system data with other plant operations. For more information please contact us.

For illustrative purposes, a typical system installation is show below.  

Cryogenic Plant Monitoring — Download PDF
Case Study: Data Center — Download PDF

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