Distributed Temperature Sensing, DTS

Oil & Gas Well and Reservoir Monitoring Applications

SensorTran produces PERFECTVISION™ DTS systems for both surface and subsea distributed temperature sensing applications. SensorTran DTS systems provide data that help monitor and visualize a wide variety of wellbore conditions to optimize well performance. Applications where real-time distributed temperature sensing can help operators draw timely and valid Optical Conclusions™ include:

• Locate tubing and equipment leaks
• Detect flow behind casing
• Identify cross-flow between zones
Optimizing Production Over the Life of the Well
• Identify water or gas breakthrough
• Provide enhanced understanding of zonal contributions or flow profiles
• Identify differential depletion in stacked reservoirs as early as possible

Optimizing Injection Wells
• Establish injection profiles across multi-zone water flood completions

Monitoring Smart / Intelligent Completions
• Ensure downhole flow-control function or valve position in smart completions

Monitoring Steam Flood and SAG-D Efficiency
• Verify steam chamber growth and placement
• Monitor observation wells for steam breakthrough into weaker formations
Verifying Effectiveness of Downhole Operations in Real Time
• Confirm injection profiles
• Monitor cementing jobs; verify cement tops
• Verify gas-lift valve operation and injection points
• Determine fluid levels and operating temperature in electrical submersible pump (ESP) completions
• Identify potential flow assurance problems from hydrate, scale, or asphalitine build-up

Improving Reservoir Stimulation and Remedial Operations
• Observe fracture-height growth during fracturing treatments in real time
• Monitor multi-stage acid stimulation treatments

Real-time thermal monitoring, combined with historic data analysis provides operators with better visualization of downhole conditions – reducing uncertainty and accelerating operational decisions.  By capturing critical thermal events as they occur, DTS systems help to eliminate the risk and the cost of a well intervention for logging.  DTS systems can also be integrated with fiber optic point sensors for BHP/BHT single-point measurements, thus reducing costs and the need for multiple systems and cables in the wellbore. 

Complete Monitoring Solutions

SensorTran is able to offer complete wellbore monitoring solutions including customized software, fiber optic sensing cables, installation and commissioning, and project management services.

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