Distributed Temperature Sensing, DTS

Life Sciences

SensorTran’s fiber optic-based Distributed Temperature Sensing systems have been used by leading scientists and researchers in applications such as:
  • Stream Monitoring
    • Groundwater / Surface Water Interaction
    • Effects of Vegetative Cover on Temperature
  • Snow Melt / Glacier Analysis
  • Geothermal  Gradient Measurements
  • Air Stratification and Circulation (caves , ravines)
  • Water Stratification and Circulation (lakes, mines)
  • Groundwater Contamination Studies
Offering affordability, portability, and fast measurement times, SensorTran DTS systems are uniquely suited for a wide range of environmental monitoring tasks that are difficult using traditional measurement methods.

Fiber Deployment

As the entire length of the fiber optic cable serves as a continuous sensing device, there exist a number of creative and effective methods of fiber deployment. For surface water monitoring, the sensing cable spool is often wheeled to the site on a dolly or hand truck, then uncoiled and allowed to drift downstream. For air measurements the fiber can be secured to a balloon for aerial deployment. For denser measurements, it is also possible to arrange the sensing cable(s) in a serpentine pattern or construct a “net” that can be placed atop any surface feature.

DTS for Stream Monitoring

Astra 5-10-15 km

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