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SensorTran designs, produces, and markets the world’s most advanced fiber optic-based Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems. DTS systems provide temperature measurements along the complete length of a fiber optic cable (typically every 0.5m) at distances ranging from 0 - 15 km.  In operation, the system pulses laser light through a fiber optic cable and collects the amount and type of light reflected back to the unit (“backscatter”).  Using sophisticated software algorithms, this light backscatter is translated into temperature data. Data is then plotted or mapped onto a picture of the asset.  DTS systems can detect changes in temperature less than 0.01°C and pinpoint the location of a thermal event (i.e. temperature change) to within one meter. 

The value of DTS lies in the real-time and historic temperature data generated by the system.  SensorTran works with customers to turn thermal data into information that increases operational efficiency and help prevents asset damage.  SensorTran DTS users are able to reach timely and valid optical conclusions based on fast, accurate, and comprehensive thermal monitoring.

DTS Products Astra Centaurus Gemini Neptune Sensing Cables

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